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A native Floridian, inspired by her mother, Sarah grew up playing and learning using her imagination as well as attending classes; making all kinds of things with textiles, fibers, paints, and many other mediums. She has always spent much time outdoors, a lover of nature, gardening and still today treasures her quiet time, preferably outdoors.

Her work includes spontaneous, abstract and figurative paintings that provoke, inspire and release life; greeting cards, wearable art; and the Essence of Letting It Flow, a coloring book of serendipitous doodles for inspiration & relaxation. She will tell you that spontaneity comes from deep places within her, and manifests with color, sound, and movement. She calls it a perfect remedy for her in 2018 when she retired her cosmetic practice – a precise, detailed cosmetic tattooing that she offered in her Fort Lauderdale studio for over 20 years.

In 2014 Sarah began painting and found new freedom by working on large canvases. Her style and process are manifesting into a bold and beautiful voice. In these short years, her passion for painting has morphed and developed into a deeply spiritual and unique narrative style. Sarah has stepped into the painting world, birthed from a desire to communicate visually and bring about healing through her color page artwork and drawings. She has found a unique voice through her painting and creating art live in front of audiences at events and in teaching her color classes.

Sarah carries her skills and vision to the artist community and painting collaboratively as a creative mentor & companion for women, conducting retreats, and workshops (locally or online) creating community art groups and giving back to local organizations. Visit our website for more information about Sarah, her art, and services.

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    • Creative Coaching Free

      Perhaps you’re a woman who paints, even working with mixed media. You may have the feeling, sensing or vision of a painting you’ve been carrying in your spirit for a long time or you may be a journaler seeking new methods and practices for your writing process. Or are you a woman with the desire you yearn to develop a deeper intimacy with God?

      Where do I start? How do I begin?

      Are these some of the many questions keeping you from stepping forward into the mystery of creativity?

      Wherever you are on your life’s path, you may find yourself at a place where an encouraging voice and listening heart could illuminate your journey with inspiration and guidance.

    • Creative Encounter Consultation Free
      Do you wish to rejuvenate and improve your appearance or maybe you just have an active lifestyle and need to look your best at all times? Whatever the reason, permanent makeup is an ideal solution for you. Come in and meet with us, find out about the procedures and see our work. We'll help you to look and feel great!
    • Correct/Remove Permanent Makeup Consult Free
      Regain your natural beauty with permanent makeup correction — Sarah’s skill and artistic abilities will restore your confidence in permanent makeup. Permanent Cosmetics and paramedical tattooing can change a person’s life and how they feel about themselves in a positive way — but only when those procedures are performed correctly and safely by a Qualified Practitioner.



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